Unit 13 The mystery of&a

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unit 13 the mystery of the moonstone
i. 单元教学目标
技能目标skill goals
▲talk about the mystery
▲read a detective story
▲practise giving advice
▲integrative language practice
▲write an informal or a formal letter
ii. 目标语言

功  能  句  式 giving some advice and making some suggestions:
you’d better (not) do ...
you may/can do ...
you should/ought to do ...
you needn’t/don’t have to do ...
i suggest/advise (that) you (should) do ...
i advise you (not) to do ... i suggest (you) doing ...
let’s do ... (, shall we?)
why don’t you/not do ... ?
what about doing ... ?
how about doing ... ?

汇 1. 四会词汇
reception, considerate, cigar, splendid, astonish, coincidence, tension, elegant, bachelor, prescription, drawer, theft, religious, stubborn, enquiry, assistance, vital, guilty, stain, banquet, convince, assume, cancel, meanwhile, remark, innocent, commit, straightforward, roundabout
2. 认读词汇
informal, rachel verinder, godfrey, curse, franklin black, candy, sergeant, cuff, investigate,  rosanna, smear, suspicion, holland, opium, offend
3. 词组或短语
in an/the act of revenge, offer to do sth, be stubborn in doing sth, keep sb out of trouble, have no choice but to do sth
considerate, splendid, astonish, elegant, religious, stubborn, vital, guilty, convince, assume, meanwhile, remark, innocent, commit

构 复习名词从句中的同位语从句

重  点 句 子 1. when he died he left the moonstone to his sister’s daughter, in an act of revenge, passing his bad fortune to her.
2. his move to quit smoking cigars to please her is seen by the servants as evidence that he is in love with rachel.
3. is it coincidence or is it the moonstone’s bad luck that causes the tension and strange things that happen during the rest of the evening?
4. franklin’s reply that doctors just guess which drug they should recommend, makes dr candy extremely angry.
5. the detective believes that she may have taken the diamond either from force of habit or to cause a disagreement between rachel and franklin.
6. rachel is stubborn in resisting his enquiries about the moonstone to the degree that she makes it seem as if she does not want the mystery to be solved.
7. i was convinced that she had taken her own diamond, and that rosanna had assisted her.
iii. 教材分析与教材重组
  1. 教材分析
  本单元以一篇侦探小说the mystery of the moonstone为话题,旨在通过本单元的教学,使学生学会如何正确地给别人提出建议或忠告;复习名词从句及复合宾语结构;复习正式书信格式和非正式书信格式,掌握两者之间的异同点;运用正确的格式书写书信。9页,当前第1123456789
 1.1 warming up 部分提供了六幅图画,要求学生根据自己对每幅图画的分析和理解,用一两句话加以描述;然后按照图画的顺序进行合理想象,简单描述六幅图画中所反映的故事情节。
 1.2 listening 是发生在rachel生日晚会上的几段对话。
 1.3 speaking 第一部分要求学生根据提供的情景,编写关于godfrey向rachel求爱遭到拒绝的一段对话;第二部分要求讨论rachel把the moonstone放进衣柜抽屉里,第二天早上发现它不见了后故事中各个人物的反应。
 1.4 pre-reading 是对reading的阅读前准备,要求学生通过回答问题进行交流,了解the moonstone有关故事,并对以后的情节进行预测。
 1.5 reading 是一篇侦探小说的故事梗概,围绕the moonstone的来历、被盗、侦破展开叙述。
 1.6 post-reading 要求学生根据课文回答所设计的问题,就sergeant cuff对有偷盗宝石嫌疑的几个重要人物分析的理由进行概括,并分组讨论同学们认为谁可能偷盗了宝石并说明理由。
 1.7 language study 分三部分:第一部分是对生词含义的考查,第二部分要求根据语境运用词语,以达到巩固和掌握的目的;第三部分为听力,谈论如何计划安排晚会,要求根据听力内容、语境情景作出正确的笔录。
 1.8 integrating skills 分reading 和 writing两部分。要求学生先阅读,然后根据要求完成各项任务型作业:1.讨论并回答短文后的四个问题。要回答这些问题,需要学生正确理解课文内容,把握故事中所暗示的侦探线索,对各个人物的性格及行为进行分析判断,正确表述自己作出的判断及理由。2.写作训练。
 2.1 从话题内容上分析,warming up 与speaking相一致,从教材份量来说,可将warming up和speaking设计成一节任务型“口语课”,也是阅读前进行口语训练。
 2.2 将listening 和language practice中的listening整合在一起,设计成一节 “听力课”。
 2.3 可将pre-reading, reading和post-reading三个活动整合在一起上一节“精读课(i)”。
 2.4 可将language study 与workbook中的部分练习题整合在一起上一节“语言知识课”。
 2.5 可将integrating skill中reading部分作为一节“精读课(ii)”。
 2.6 可将integrating skills 中reading in part 1, 和workbook中integrating skills 的reading整合起来上一节“泛读课”。
 2.7 将integrating skills 中的writing和workbook中integrating skills 的writing整合成一节“写作课”。
 3. 课型设计与课时分配
 1st period  speaking
 2nd period  listening
 3rd period  intensive reading(i)
 4th period  language study
 5th period  intensive reading(ii)       
 6th period  extensive reading
 7th period  writing
ⅳ. 分课时教案
the first period    speaking
teaching goals 教学目标
1. target language目标语言9页,当前第2123456789
a. 重点词汇和短语
moonstone, informal, rachel, godfrey, housemaid, upstairs, downstairs, on call, gossip, despite, servant, unemployed
b. 交际用语
giving advice
you’d better (not) do ...
you may/can do ...
you should/ought to do ...
you needn’t/don’t have to do ...
i suggest/advise (that) you (should) do ...
i advise you (not) to do ...
let’s do ... (, shall we?)
why don’t you/not do ...?
what about doing ...
how about doing ...?
c. 重点句式
then she laid the table for breakfast while ...
despite the hard work required of them, servants were paid very little ...
2. ability goals能力目标
enable the students to show opinions and give advice.
3. learning ability goals 学能目标 
enable the students to tell a detective story with the help of the pictures and give advice.
teaching important points教学重点
how to organize a story and give advice.
teaching difficult points 教学难点
how to show opinions and give reasons.
teaching methods 教学方法
individual work;
teaching aids教具准备
a computer and a projector.
teaching procedures & ways教学过程与方式
step i  revision
ask the students to check their writings with each other.
t: good morning/afternoon, boys and girls! please check your writings with each other first.
step ii  warming up: talking about pictures
ask the students to talk about the pictures with the teacher’s help.
t: wilkie collins was one of the first writers of detective novels. in 1868 he published the moonstone. the following pictures here show scenes from the novel. look at the pictures on page 109. look carefully and tell what each picture is about. can you tell us what is happening in each picture? now discuss the following questions with your partners.
1.what is happening in each picture? describe the people and events.
2. what can you guess about the novel from the pictures? try to tell the story. 
ask the students to show their opinions.
t: are you ready, everyone? now present your opinions in the discussion.
sa: in picture 1, a girl received a beautiful and expensive diamond from one of her friends or relatives at her birthday party. the diamond is so huge that many people there felt astonished. they all admired the diamond very much.
sb: it seems in picture 2 an important festival is coming or an important party will be held. the people are decorating their houses. they are painting the door with beautiful pictures of flowers and birds.
sc: in picture 1, there is a statue of a god in a church or a temple. and a splendid diamond is set on the moon god’s forehead.9页,当前第3123456789
sd: picture 4 is about a scene in which a person comes out of a castle and is getting on a carriage. he is leaving the castle for somewhere else.
se: picture 5 is about a party or getting-together. some indians or muslins are performing their programs to entertain the people.
sf: in the last picture, i can find that after the party, some people are talking together. in a room, a man is pulling back a drawer and stealing something. however, a girl in another room notices it.
teacher’s help: these pictures are about the story the moonstone. rachel’s eighteenth birthday party is coming. she and her friend decorate her house and paint the door with flowers and birds. rachel gets a huge diamond called the moonstone from her uncle as a present at her eighteenth birthday party. everyone present at the party feels astonished at such a huge and splendid diamond. at the party, some indians are giving their performances to entertain them, but they seem not to be skilled at their performances. they must have had some special purpose. after the party that evening, rachel puts the moonstone in the drawer of a cupboard and goes to bed. however, the next morning, she finds the diamond missing. who steals the diamond? why does the young man want to leave the castle? where does he want to go?
step iii  speaking
ask the students to think about and act out the conversation between rachel and godfrey.
t: on the day of rachel’s birthday party, godfrey asks her to marry him, and is refused. now think about the situations where they are talking and discuss the questions in part 1, page 111.
sample dialogues:
sa: i’m sure that godfrey may think that rachel is very pretty, elegant and considerate. he loves her very much. so he asks her to marry him.
sb: i agree with you. i think godfrey doesn’t like rachel at all. he wants her to marry him only because he wants to get the diamond from her.
sc: why does godfrey think they will be happy when they get married? first, he thinks she is pretty, elegant and considerate. second, they are both from rich families and they can live a rich life. third, he will do whatever he could to make her happy if she marries him.
sd: there are some reasons why rachel refuses godfrey. she might tell godfrey that she doesn’t like some of his bad habits and she thinks he is a rough, cold-hearted man. she might tell godfrey that she has fallen in love with another young man and has already been engaged.
se: rachel refuses him when godfrey asks her to marry him. this might make godfrey very sad and disappointed. he becomes very angry. he begins to hate rachel and tries to revenge her for this.9页,当前第4123456789
sf: godfrey mightn’t feel disappointed or angry at all. he feels very happy with the fact that his lover has found her love because he loves her so deeply. he wishes her to be happy all the time.
sg: godfrey might become disappointed and angry because he wants her to marry him only for her big diamond rather than her.
one possible dialogue between rachel and godfrey:
 r——rachel  g——godfrey
 during the party, rachel enters her room for a short time. godfrey follows her in.
g: happy birthday, rachel! you look more beautiful this evening.
r: thank you, godfrey!
g: rachel, i have a secret in my heart. i’ve been in love with you, rachel. you’re pretty, elegant and considerate. you’re also kind and friendly. i’m expecting your love. i beg you to promise that you will marry me in the future.
r: we are already good friends. i think that’s enough. besides, i have a boyfriend. we have been in love with each other for a long time.
g: oh, sorry! but we will be very happy if you marry me. we are both from rich families. we are well-educated. i will do whatever i can to make you happy if you marry me.
r: sorry! i love my boyfriend and so does he to me. you will forever be our good friend even if my boyfriend and i get married in the future. as a friend, i hope you to get rid of some bad habits.
g: thank you! but i still wish you happy forever.
ask the students to imagine how the characters react when they knew rachel’s diamond was missing.
t: after the party, rachel puts the moonstone in a drawer of a cupboard before going to bed. however, the next morning, rachel finds the diamond isn’t in the drawer any more. she tells everyone the bad news. discuss the situations in part 2, page 111, in groups. and the following expressions and patterns may help you:
you’d better (not) do ...
you may/can do ...
you should/ought to do ...
you needn’t/don’t have to do ...
i suggest/advise (that) you (should) do ...
i advise you (not) to do ...
let’s do ... (, shall we?)
why don’t you/not do ...?
what/how about doing ...?
t: well, let’s discuss these situations in groups. and please prepare a role card and tell the other group members your own opinions during the discussion of situation 2 and situation 3.
ask the students to do some preparation work.
t: ok. are you ready? who’d like to try to tell us his/her decision?
ask the students to choose one of the situations to discuss in groups.
sample dialogues:
situation 1: how did rachel feel about losing her diamond?
sa: i’m sure that rachel must be very astonished when she found the moonstone missing. because there were no other people except her family and her friends franklin and godfrey. she was puzzled at whoever could have stolen the diamond.9页,当前第5123456789
sb: i think she must be worried and disappointed because she loved the diamond very much, which she got as her birthday present. she was worried the diamond would not come back to her any more.
situation 2: what did the other characters said to comfort her?
sa: don’t worry, rachel. i think it can be found somewhere after our efforts.
sb: do you remember very well that you put it in that drawer of the cupboard yesterday evening? you may have put it in your jewel box or other places. let’s look for it carefully.
sc: i’m sure nobody here might have stolen it. the police can help you find it and give it back to you even if it has been stolen.
sd: it doesn’t matter, rachel. it is hard to say that is bad luck or good luck. it has been bringing your uncle bad luck or sadness.
se: don’t worry, rachel. i’d like to ask sergeant cuff, the most famous detective to investigate it. i’m sure that he can help us find the diamond.
situation 3: what suggestions and advice might they have given her?
sa: you should look for the moonstone somewhere else again. you might have forgotten wherever you put it last night.
sb: you’d better call the police station and ask them to investigate who stole it as soon as possible.
sc: there are many famous detectives here. you can hire one of the best to investigate it. they may help you find it.
sd: i’m sure it must have been stolen by one among us. why don’t you call all the people together and question and search us? you don’t have to let the police or detectives help you.
situation 4: who do you think might be the thief? give your reasons.
sa: i think it is the most possible that the indians might have stolen the moonstone. because rachel’s uncle had ever murdered the three indian holy men who had been keeping the moonstone much more than their lives and stolen it and brought it to london, britain. the indians found that the moonstone was in rachel’s home. when the birthday party was being held, they pretended to be performers so that they could find a chance to steal the moonstone and take it back to their country.
sb: i think godfrey might have stolen the diamond. he was refused by rachel when he had asked her to marry him. he became angry and hated her. so he stole the diamond and kept it for himself.
sc: i think her mother may have stolen it because she also liked the diamond very much and worried that it might be lost or stolen if rachel kept it.
sd: i think her boyfriend franklin black may have stolen it. as the english saying goes, “love me, love my dog”. the man may have wanted to keep the diamond for her to get her true love or he may have been in debt to sell it to pay off his debt.9页,当前第6123456789
se: i think rachel’s servant, rosanna may have stolen the diamond because she had never seen such a big diamond and she wanted to sell it for a large amount of money, then she would live a happy and rich life.
t: many students do very well in the discussion and show their own opinions. now let’s do the reading and speaking on page 243 in the workbook.
step iv  talking
t: now turn to page 243. rachel and her family live a different life upstairs from rosanna and the servants’ life downstairs. let’s think about the question: what are the differences between them? now read through the passage and find the differences between the two kinds of life.
ask some students to tell the differences between them.
sa: i’ll tell the difference about their clothes between rachel and rosanna. rachel had quite a lot of beautiful clothes, shows and caps and she also had much jewellery and furniture. she might change her clothes every day. however, rosanna had very few clothes and never had jewellery and very little furniture.
sb: i’ll tell the difference about how they spent their time. rosanna had to get up very early every morning and kept working from 5:00 am to 9:30 pm. it usually lasted 14 hours a day. she was busy working all day from morning to evening until she had served evening tea at about 9:30 pm. then she could sit in the servants’ hall, playing cards or chatting with other servants before going to bed. but rachel had free time all day. she got up very late in the morning. she might play with her friends, do some reading at home or talk with her parents. she went to bed at about 9:30 pm.
sc: both rachel and rosanna might think about many things in their lives. rachel might think about how to get a good education, how to get along with her friends, how to make herself look more beautiful, how to make herself happy, when and where to meet her friends, whether to attend the parties she had been invited to and so on. while rosanna might think about how to do her work better, how to satisfy her masters, how to learn the things she couldn’t do and how to make her life happier and more comfortable in the future.
sd: there was an obvious difference between their food. rachel had three different meals every day and her food was always delicious with good nutrition while rosanna had her very simple, basic food every day.
se: in everyday life, rachel might talk with her parents or friends about her education, feelings, clothes, diet, jewellery but rosanna might talk about her work, her family, her friends, what she heard or saw, especially what happened in rachel’s family.9页,当前第7123456789
sf: what was important to them? they might have different opinions. to rachel, she might think things such as friendship, money, clothes and jewellery, education, her family were important. however, rosanna might think things such as her family, her job, money which were important to her.
t: your answers are very good. now let’s discuss the next question. in the passage, we know that the servants would often talk about the events that happened “upstairs”. what do you think they might have said about the moonstone, rachel’s decision not to marry godfrey, sergeant cuff and rachel’s relationship with franklin?
1. about the moonstone:
sa: i’ve never seen such a large beautiful diamond. it looks more beautiful on rachel.
sb: it is said that it was stolen by her uncle from the indian moon god and it had brought him bad luck. he gave it to rachel as a birthday present when he was dying so that it passed bad luck to rachel in revenge for his sister’s scold.
sc: i hope the moonstone can bring good luck to rachel because she is a good, friendly and kind girl. now it is missing, which worries us all. i hope rachel can soon find it.
sd: but i hope that it will never return. i’m afraid that it will really bring bad luck to rachel.
se: i think some people could have stolen the moonstone. i think it is the most possible that godfrey or the indians have stolen it.
2. about rachel’s decision not to marry godfrey:
sa: i heard godfrey asked rachel to marry him, but she refused him. i think it was wise of rachel to refuse godfrey because he is a mean, narrow-minded man.
sb: but i think it was wrong of her to refuse godfrey because godfrey showed her true love and she would live a happy life with godfrey.
sc: but i know that rachel doesn’t love godfrey at all, though godfrey likes her very much. she would lead a sad life in the future if she marries godfrey.
3. about sergeant cuff:
sa: it is said that rachel’s mother has asked sergeant cuff to help find the moonstone. he is a most famous detective in london and he has detected many cases.
sb: i’m not sure whether he can detect this case and find the diamond. he has good, rich experiences of detection, but this case seems very complicated and strange.
sc: i think sergeant cuff is certainly able to find the moonstone with his experiences of detection.
4. about rachel’s relationship with franklin:
sa: i think rachel refused godfrey only because of franklin. she knows that franklin loves her very much and she also loves him.
sb: i don’t agree with you. i think they are only close friends because they have been good friends since they were very young. they often help each other and talk a lot.9页,当前第8123456789
sc: i think they are lovers. franklin is a smoker but to please rachel, he has begun to quit smoking cigars and he is very considerate towards rachel. and it is clear that rachel also loves franklin very much.
step v  homework
make up a dialogue to comfort rachel and give her advice when the diamond was missing.

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